How to Take Down a Website

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I got the loveliest email from a longtime client last week. She is ready to retire, and it is much-deserved after many many years supporting her community. She wrote and asked, “Are you ready to be an end-of-life Website Doula”? Loads of reasons could lead to the decision to take down your website. Maybe you’re…

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Domain Privacy. What you need to know.

Most health and wellness business owners I work with on websites have never heard of domain privacy, and bump into the question of website privacy for the first time when setting up their new domain and hosting account. The cost for domain privacy is usually around $12 / year, which is pretty negligible in the…

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How long will a good website last for my business?

website lifespan

I met with a potential client recently. Built in 2017, her site has reached a point where it is time for a website refresh. The technology is no longer current. The backend has tools she’s no longer using. There is information that no longer matches her services. Photos of her young kids who are now…

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A Fresh Approach to Childbirth Education: Meet HelloBirth

Hynobirthing childbirth educator training

Meet Jenny Bennett, founder of HelloBirth Class! I’ve worked with Jenny for many years, and have watched her transition from part-time practitioner to full-time childbirth educator and doula, found an agency, train doulas, reestablish herself in a new state, and more.  Like so many childbirth educators when I first started out I adhered closely to…

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Why your website needs regular health checks.

website health checkups

I want you to take a moment and consider the things that turn you OFF when you’re cruising the internet looking for a service or product. Slow loading pages or images? Yep. Broken links? Most definitely. A security certificate warning? I won’t even try to open the site. Incorrect or out-of-date information? It makes me…

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Doula Jobs: How to be a full-time doula

doula full time jobs

Having built doula website designs with hundreds of new & established birth and postpartum doulas over my 12+ years as The Website Doula, I’ve seen doulas at every stage of growth. From brand new doulas just establishing themselves and deciding if they want to become a full-time doula, to those who are now growing a…

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