Strategic web design for wellness and birth pros so you can thrive online.

You don't have to do this alone. You really can have a website doula.

A "pretty" or even a "functional" website just isn't enough for a successful practice.

If you have invested time and money in a site that makes clients only feel "meh", you have lost them to the next link on google. Sad, but true.

You need a website that creates an instant connection and desire to act. Choose from 3 website packages designed to help you get great clients..


Need a simple website to sell your services NOW (or even yesterday)?  In just one day we can launch a highly engaging simple website + blog. Bonus? When you're ready for more, it can grow with you!


Ready to take your business to the next level? My custom design packages are designed for established practitioners with multiple services. Let's book a free consult to explore your best next step.

My DIY Website School will take you from zero to launch with your very own WordPress website that is easy to build & manage, and 100% flexible so it can grow with your business.

Website design for:

If you do good work in the world, we're a great fit!

Find the best website package for your needs with a free discovery call.

I build your dream website based on your goals, needs, and vision.

Your new website is live and your business is growing!

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"When you work with Sarah, you’ll feel more confident and empowered: not only in maintaining your beautiful new website, but also in growing your business.”

Heather, DOULA

Catherine Doula and Parent Educator

"Sarah is a lovely person to work with – smart, funny and responsible. After five years with my DIY website I was tired of the limitations. It was time to hire a professional, and I have no regrets about choosing Sarah!"

- Catherine, Doula & Family Educator


Business is growing, and more clients have found me online within the past month than ever before. People are definitely responding to the new site!  Because Sarah understood my work as a holistic health professional, she really captured my vision.”

- Lauren, Family Chiropractor


"Imagine the kind of support you want during labor, but for your website – reassuring, kind, knowledgeable, someone who breaks down the complicated into simple manageable pieces and leads you through it with reassuring words all the way. That’s Sarah."

- Amy, Postpartum Doula

What if your website truly worked for you? Let's build you a website you can feel confident in.

- Sarah Juliusson

- Sarah Juliusson, the WEBSITE DOULA