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Dear wonderful women,

As a doula and childbirth educator myself for the past 20+ years, I know how important your work is  – to you, and the families you serve. I’m delighted to be able to offer my WordPress mobile responsive website design and business coaching skills to all of you as my way of contributing to our shared vision of changing our birth culture.

Web design as a way to change our birth culture???

Yes! It is increasingly clear that a key to our capacity to create change is treating birth work as a profession rather than a hobby. While it will always be a calling, when we invest time, energy and resources into our business we are raising awareness and respect for the important work that we do. At the core, it’s a pretty simple equation. To transform birth, we have to work with more families, which means they have to be able to find us online!

Why Web Design?

I love this stuff.  Design.  Copy editing.  Coding!  It’s a strange and unexpected thing to love, but I hope I can help you fall at least a little bit in love with the potential these skills can offer your birth practice.

To be honest, when I first starting learning this stuff 13 years ago, it was only because my husband was tired of helping me do site updates. Now, with extensive training and hands-on experience, I am happy to say that my passion for website design is actually equal to my love for birth work. It feeds my creativity, challenges me to keep learning, and best of all, allows me to help really good women around the world to feel confident in their business websites and serve more families.

“Sarah offers the ideal combination of skills to assist a birth worker in launching the business or website of their dreams. Her personal experience in birth work for over 20 years provides the backdrop that helps you to match your skills with your ideal client. She has that rare gift of inspiration combined with practical skills, an asset to anyone who wants to bring the dream of their birth business into reality. Sarah is an expert doula for the birth professional and a wise investment.
– Kathie Neff CD(DONA), Certified Birthing From Within Mentor, Owner of Seasons Within Doula Group & Birth Services. Read more…

What’s a Website Doula?

At the core, I am working with you as a website designer, but my goal is to serve as your website doula. I offer practical, emotional, and technological support through website design, content development, and coding changes to help you build your dream website. You enjoy the benefits of working with a web designer who understands the unique online needs of a birth business website, from registration forms, to testimonials and resource pages.

While the custom design option allows for comprehensive website doula care, my DIY packages give you the benefit of building your own website with with the level of support you need, helping you take your website to the next level. Those of you who attend births can attest to the countless small acts of support that together can transform a birth experience. As your website doula, I’m there by your side, sometimes taking the lead, and sometimes offering quiet nudges and practical tips to help you make the most of your website.

I hired Sarah to provide me with technical support as I built my website. It turned out she provided me with a LOT more than that, helping me really explore who I was as a doula, and what I had to uniquely offer my clients. Together we built a website that truly represents me and one that I am so very proud of!”
– Lisa, Birth Doula. Read more…

My Favorite Places to Work on your Website

  • My office is a tiny little former storage closet in our basement, accessible only by an outside door. We added wood walls using a salvaged cedar fence, a colorful rug, and a sheepskin under my perennially cold feet. Best of all, I get to leave my house to go to work, but the kids can call me through the heating vent!
  • My favorite chair. I reupholstered this colorful chair myself using fabrics from my travels. Cozy, comfortable, and I get to be by the fire.
  • The garden (we live on a 5 acre farm)! Working with website code can be frustrating at times, and the best cure for some fresh perspective is to go pull some weeds.
  • And…between the raspberry pie, wooden tables, and beautiful views, Alderlea Cafe is a favorite place for inspiration and well-nourished work time.

My Home Office

The Garden

My Favorite Chair

And… I always get oodles of work done on Amtrak trains.

Admittedly that chance doesn’t come very often, but I do love them!