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Creating passive income for your birth practice

teacup-e1366848717794A few times each year I offer a free conference call workshop as my gift to each of you. Too often we are so busy supporting our lovely clients that we forget to nourish ourselves. This is a chance to take one simple hour to nurture your birth practice, and yourself as an entrepreneur. Join us on Thursday June 4th at 10:30 am PST for another great call!


When you sit down to do your income projections and budget each year, do you feel frustrated by the hours required to earn the income you need? As service-based professionals, birth workers find themselves in the difficult position of having their income tied solely to the hours they spend directly with clients. This creates a limit to how much income you can earn (apparently there are only so many hours in the day…). What if you could increase your income without taking many more hours away from your personal life and family?

This call will be hosted together with special guest Jessica English of Heart Soul Business. As a birth business coach and doula trainer, Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective on ways to help your birth practice thrive. Together we will explore creative ideas to supplement your birth practice income, including online courses, ebooks, and product rentals and sales.

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Be sure to join the Birth your Business facebook page above for more great resources and to suggest future call topics. If you are interested in exploring options for website and SEO design and support you are always welcome to schedule a free 20 minute phone call with me to learn more about website doula care.

Listen to Past Call Recordings

Please enjoy some of the recordings from past calls I have featured below.

Tips for the Doula Interview (2014) Creative tips to help you best prepare for an interview, engage with potential clients, and offer effective follow-up after the interview. Click here

Recording of my Interview with ToLabor in August 2014

Creative Marketing with Pinterest (2014)
Learn innovative and practical ways to use Pinterest as a social media tool for your birth practice. Click here

Grow your Birth Practice with Facebook (2013)
Featuring guest host Jeanette McCulloch of Birth Swell, we identified key tips to help you build your presence and engage on facebook without spending all of your time online. Click here.

Using Sliding Scale & Barter in your Birth Practice (2013)
We want our services to be accessible, and yet we also need to make a living. In this call we explore the dynamics of sliding scale fees, bartering, & the gift economy in your birth practice. Click here.

Your Fabulous Birth Business Website (2013)
Want your website to shine? Learn my five top tips to improve your online presence. Click here.

Marketing Your Birth Practice (2012)
How can our approach to marketing reflect our practice style and values? Holistic Marketing 101. Click here.

Welcoming Client Feedback (2012)
Unhappy client? Learn innovative & positive ways to respond to client feedback. Click here.

Occupy Your Community (2011)
How can we play a positive role in our communities in challenging economic times? Click here.

Birth Business Plan 101 (2011)
Do you really Need a business plan? My perspective on how to Enjoy the process & benefits. Click here.

The Cost of Doula Care (2011)
Excellent discussion on how to set your fees as a doula and communicate your worth to clients. Click here.

Doing Business Our Way

As a Business Doula I get to talk with birth business owners around the world, and often they express a discomfort with the advice provided by standard business coaches and blogs. We provide extraordinary care to the families we serve – and in my opinion, this challenges us to market ourselves in a way that respects our relationship-based care & values as birth professionals. Business plans, SEO, budgets, marketing, website development can all take on new meaning when you approach them from a holistic marketing framework. I hope these free resources will provide you with a solid foundation as you birth and grow for your practice.